The Optimal Bite

The harmony of the body and the optimal bite
Pains of the jaw joints, head aches, neck pains, hearing impairment: these are just a few symptoms which can occur when the interaction of the head and body position which depends on the bite or the occlusion of the teeth, is continuously (chronically disturbed) in disharmony. Besides the socalled diseases caused by today´s lifestyle such as AIDS, heart and circulatory disorders and all kinds of allergies, one of the most devastating scourges of humanity is often overlooked: CHRONIC PAIN.

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Depot phoresis for root fillings

When using this method even the side canals are treated and sterilised. These zones cannot be reached by conventional endodonty. Copper calcium hydroxide provides us with an enduring sterility. The whole dentine is sterilised, providing a physiological sealing of the tooth root. This treatment is non-invasive on the tooth substance and preserves the stability of teeth, and it is considerably more pleasant for the patient than conventional methods.

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Bleaching for white teeth

What is bleaching? Lightening or bleaching is the most simple and gentle method for your teeth to show a healthy and dazzling smile. The Carbamide Peroxide, smile which we are applying, is not harmful for your teeth. Only the discolouring of your teeth, which has taken place over the years, will be washed away from the surface of the teeth. Your personal wishes of how the colour of your teeth should be, can be achieved – if necessary – by several treatments