Treatment with a general anaesthetic

There was good reason for a dentist to discover anaesthesia: a treatment with a general anaesthetic allows for the time-saving concentration of several complicated treatment procedures. The patient has the advantage of being fear- and pain-free. This allows for the quick completion of complicated dental restoration treatments which would normally take months or even years to complete. A professional team of anaesthetists is available before, during and after the procedure.

Veneers – non-invasive and natural

Veneers are very thin ceramic layers applied to the surface of your teeth. They look so natural that sometimes even dentists cannot distinguish them from natural tooth substance without further examination. Veneers were developed by an American dentist to enhance the smile of film stars while shooting movies.

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Safe with implants

Today wearers of dentures can laugh freely, speak and eat without interference; they can rely on their healthy teeth and need not be afraid of pressure points. Dentures based on implants provide a comforting degree of security, without any adaptation problems or loss of taste as experienced before with conventional ‘third teeth’. The implants are actually artificial roots set into the jaw during out-patient surgery.

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Digital X-rays

Allowing for an easy comparison to document treatment before and after our new digital x-ray equipment provides many advantages. Your x-ray pictures can be printed immediately or sent to you by email. Why x-rays?  X-rays give us a first overall view of your teeth, their position and roots, possible cysts etc. With regular digital x-rays we can treat possible illnesses on time, because our digital x-ray pictures reveal almost everything.

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Prophylaxis – Activation of the Body´s Defence

The main objective of treating periodontitis is the germ reduction. This includes cleaning the periodontal pockets and smoothing the tooth root. Furthermore the patient will be provided with detailed information about  proper oral hygiene. Today surgery is hardly necessary. There are more gentle methods like e.g. the treatment with laser or a device called Vector.

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Periodontitis – the insidious danger

The reduction of the jaw bone and the loosening of the teeth are widely known as consequences of the infectious disease periodontitis. Unfortunately little is known that the bacterial infection is not limited to the gums. Through the blood stream bacteria can reach other areas of the body, cause inflammations and lead to systemic diseases. However latest studies show that periodontitis can be linked with other diseases.

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The Alternative: Dental Prothesis without Metal

The smile of the future: thanks to zirconium - no more dark rims around the crowns, no matter how many teeth have to be replaced.
For several years in holistic dentistry zirconia has proven to be an excellent material to work with. Zirconia is an all-ceramic material which is absolutely free of metal. It is a high-tech-ceramic developed for areas with high mechanical and thermal exposure (space travel). In the medical field it has been applied sucessfully for over 20 years (hip surgery). However, due to its tremendous resistence it found little use in dentistry until recently because processing was far too complex. Today the computer-controlled CAD/CAM system makes it possible to apply zirconia in dentistry with great success.

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Dental Laboratory Zircondesign in Calle Bonaire

A natural, healthy and dazzling smile.
That is your very own key to personal success in any situation.
Designing and forming your teeth is time consuming and difficult handicraft and, by all means, can be considered a piece of art once it is completed. Our "dental artists” can form and shape your custom-made teeth together with you right there in our clinic. We will advise you regarding form, function and colour whilst we are delighted to respect your personal wishes and ideas at all times.

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Zirconia Dental Implants

Well-known in the scientific field zirconium oxide is a material which meets the highest standards in highly critical areas. E.g. it is used for the heat shields of space shuttles, in the brake pads of racing cars as well as in the ball heads of hip joint prostheses. With its extreme flexural resistence and nearly indestructible zirconium comes straight from space into your oral cavity. Thanks to the computer-controlled CAD/CAM technique developed by the Swiss team of scientists under Prof. Schärer, the German based Degussa Industries was able to introduce this state-of-the-art procedure to the experts in the field of dental implants.

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The dangers of fluoride to our health

fluorFew poisons are as firmly established in our daily life as fluoride.  During the past 50 years there has been a global campaign relating fluoride to dental health.  The municipal water supplies as well as many products, such as toothpaste, bottled water and chewing gum, have been fluoridated due to its alleged anti-cavity effect .

However, over the past few decades, numerous scientific studies have shown the danger of this highly toxic, man-made compound.  An increasing number of health authorities now advise people to avoid fluoridated products.  

In some countries, such as Switzerland, they stopped putting fluoride into the municipal water supplies decades ago and in Belgium products  (such as chewing gum, tablets and mouth washes or rinses) that were “enriched” with fluoride were taken off the shelves as there was no unanimous opinion as to a safe, minimum dose to avoid devastating health effects. 

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The perfect mouthguard for sports

Up to 39% of all injuries of the teeth, mouth and jaw can be attributed to sports!
A custom-made mouthguard can reduce this hazard by up to 60%. Absorbing the forces which act on the mouth and teeth it provides protection against concussions at the same time. A well-driven hockey ball can reach a speed of 180km/h. But even popular sports such as mountain biking, inline skating, rugby, American football, squash, boxing and handball carry a high risk of accidents.

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