Metal free implantology

Implantology itself is already a ground-breaking success and progress in dentistry. Now a further revolutionary step has been taken into the future: implants with zirconium. So far, implants with pure titanium have been used – but now the patient may opt for metal-free implants made of zirconium oxide. A few important health advantages are provided by this alternative: No allergic reactions - enormous fracture strength and no corrosion - extreme stress resistance - resistance against any type of acid. Zirconium is a bad chemical and electrical conductor and can thus resist any temperature changes with no problems. It has been proven that, contrary to zirconium, pure titanium may exert negative biological influences. Titanium implants lack translucence and a metallic grey shine is visible near the gingival margins. When using this new material, especially in implantology, patients with intolerance to metals are offered a new solution, or in case they refuse to have metals used in the first place.