The principle of the Bionator therapy

First and foremost the Bionator intends to improve the hydrodynamic conditions of the mouth and throat area, actually of the whole person, this is to say the vibration characteristics or elasticity of the protoplasm of the entire tissue. This means that the effect of the Bionator lies in its influence on the dynamics of everything alive. Primarily it is not aimed at the "expansion“ or the isolated movement of rows of teeth or individual teeth. The forming of the jaws and teeth is rather a side effect which develops by itself during the healing of the patient.

This is most difficult to understand for those colleagues who favour mechanics to regulate teeth, whereby they should actually be taking a new approach.

Creating form through hydrodynamics
  • In principle, there are no fixed forms. Everything is held in place, forms and shapes itself. The shapes of nature are created by continuous movement, through the flow of fluids and gases. Vibrations can lead to transformations as well.
  • A healthy oral cavity is shaped like an egg, whereby the wider end is ventrally located. However in the case of a dysfunctional oral cavity the pointed end of the egg is ventrally located, which indicates blockages of the hydrodynamics in the oral cavity.


Holistic Orthodontics

The teeth and the entire oral cavity have to be seen as an integral whole which is part of the human body.
Malformations of the jaw are the expression of functional disorders which can occur during the ingestion of food, speaking, tasting, digestion and swallowing. This can cause difficulties in breathing, smelling and perceving one´s environment. Due to such disorders the outer world cannot be in harmony with the inner world.
The ears are also of great importance. Hearing has an influence on the development of the speech. A disorder in the oral area mostly causes a congestion in the nasal and pharyngeal cavity which are the cause of hearing impairment. If the nasal and pharyngeal organs are not functioning properly, normal breathing, chewing, smelling and tasting are impossible and a correct articulation cannot be expected. Malformations of the jaw (functions of the oral cavity) are not considered as independent illnesses, but the expression and symptom of malfunctioning. There is no genetic pattern, however the transportation of substances can be identified as motional patterns of the tissues and as flow of the tissue fluid.
The Bionator, an orthodontic device according to BALTERS, encourages these differentiations. The device unlocks blockages in the mouth and throat area by changing the functions of the oral cavity. The muscle movements – e.g. correct swallowing – are trained. At the same time it encourages the purification of the tissue and the relief and relaxation of the temporomandibular joints (TMJ). Even in adults the Bionator eases the posture of head and body. Chronic illnesses s.a. indigestion, respiratory disorders, disturbances in the nerve area and many other things can cause TMJ disorders.
The Bionator allows understandable speech and does not affect the appearance. The oral cavity is a part of the body and cannot be seen separately. This is why local orthodontic measures can be seen as a treatment of the symptoms only, whereby the Bionator therapy starts with the cause of the anomaly. It tries to release blockages, unlock rigidity and up-lift oppression. It tries to turn disharmony into harmony, in short: the Bionator therapy intends to guide the person towards its own individuality.